Image of Over The Moon locket - SECONDS

Over The Moon locket - SECONDS

£7.50 - On Sale

SECONDS available for reduced price of £7.50 (standard only, these cannot be personalised, original price £19.50). The applied transfer is a little darker than normal and the features are not as distinct as their perfect siblings! We've included an image to give an example of what to expect.

If there's one thing we're sure of, it's that you'll be Over The Moon with this beautiful lunar locket. Perfect for star gazers, space voyagers and science girls alike.

A brass locket is hung from a delicate 24" gold plated chain, finished with a duo of brass stars, one gold tone and one aged brass. The locket measures 30mm (approximately 1 1/3") across and opens to reveal a space for two of your favourite photos.

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