Image of Narwhalus Personalised Narwhal Constellation Necklace

Narwhalus Personalised Narwhal Constellation Necklace


We've taken inspiration from the beasts of the skies with our mini-collection of constellation necklaces. Perfect for those who like to look up.

If you fancy yourself as a stargazer then we're sure you've heard of Narwhalus, that elusive narwhal constellation which is only visible from the furthest Northern reaches of the Arctic*. If trekking to the Arctic is not for you, our Narwhulus constellation necklace is the very best thing and would look amazing on you.

A gold or silver plated narwhal is accompanied by a matching silver or gold star - personalised with your initial. Hung from a gold or silver plated 18" chain, the narwhal measures just over 2 1/2" (65mm) wide. Please let us know which letter you would like in the comments section at checkout.

(* just to confirm, this is not true at all but if we were in charge of discovering constellations, we would definitely find ourselves a narwhal.)